Vineyards & Terroir

Golan Heights Winery strives to create Israel’s foremost terroir-driven wines. Golan Heights Winery encompasses about 1,557 acres of owned vineyards, planted across 28 sites and divided into roughly 450 blocks. Unique volcanic soils, extreme winter and summer climate, and varying elevations from 1,300 to almost 4,000 feet lend exceptional identity and range to the Golan Heights terroir. Head winemaker Victor Shoenfeld joined the winery 30 years ago and has attained world-renowned status for his ability to harness the Golan Heights terroir through constant study, precision viticulture and technological innovation from vineyard to cellar. Under the guidance of Schoenfeld and his team, Golan Heights Winery has been fearless in its pursuit of introducing new styles and varieties such as Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Gewürztraminer.


Quality & Sustainability First

A driving force for quality standards, Golan Heights Winery created a Nursery & Propagation Block, in partnership with world leader ENTAV-INRA to supply clean virus-free plant material to the emerging Israeli wine industry. Most recently, Golan Heights was the first Israeli winery to adopt the LODI RULES from California, the global standard in sustainable certification.

Wine conveys a sense of place. It’s possible to sense a wine’s terroir in its flavor, aroma and color. Wine expresses a place’s culture, language and people

– Victor Schoenfeld, Head Winemaker

The Wines

Selection of Yarden wines


Yarden is the Hebrew word for Jordan River, which bisects the Golan Heights
from the Galilee. Every label in our diverse range features a symbol of
ancient Israel: an oil lamp decorated with mosaic tile.

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Yarden CRU Elite wines

Yarden Cru Elite

This single-vineyard single-block series from Golan Heights Winery
launched for the 40th anniversary.

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Gilgal wines line up in a row


Fruit-forward and expressive, Gilgal wines offer a wide range of varietals that reflect
the exceptional Mediterranean climate and growing conditions of the Galilee.
These easygoing, approachable wines are sure to please everyone.

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Mount Hermon wines

Mount Hermon

Named for the highest peak in Israel in northern Golan Heights,
Mount Hermon wines over-deliver on quality, flavor and affordability.

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